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Invisalign Teen®

The Clear Alternative to Braces

Over 4 million people are already enjoying their gorgeous Invisalign® smiles worldwide.

Are you ready for yours?

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Why choose Invisalign Teen?

Many teens prefer Invisalign Teen over traditional braces because:

  • You can still eat and drink whatever you want.

  • There are no funky flossing methods.

  • You don't have to deal with pokey wires or scraped lips.

With Invisalign Teen you get:

  • The CONFIDENCE of a beautiful smile

  • A lifetime of healthy, STRAIGHT TEETH

  • Keep doing the ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE (sports, music etc.)

Are you self-conscious about your teeth?

You are not alone!

Many teens worry about their teeth and also:

  • Do not feel confident in their appearance
  • Self-conscious about smiling in pictures
  • Feel judged based on looks
  • Teeth is their #1 insecurity
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It's time to stop feeling insecure.

Did you know?

Nearly 8 in 10 people (78%) agree that straightening their teeth has given them the CONFIDENCE to do something they never could have done before they fixed their teeth.

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Parents' Corner

Is Invisalign Teen right for my child?

Is teeth-straightening purely cosmetic?