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Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces for Teens

Datwyler Orthodontics prides itself in offering premier treatment options for patients of all ages. Dr. Datwyler personally selects the "best-in-class" orthodontic appliances that we use in treating our patients. Information about the different "traditional" style orthodontic options are below.

OrthoClassic H4™ Self-Ligating Bracket System

H4 Logo H4 Self Ligating Bracket

The H4™ Self-Ligating Bracket System was created with three design principles in mind:

  1. Speed
  2. H4™ Self-Ligating Braces have been carefully designed to give orthodontists the best opportunity to move teeth as fast as possible. This typically results in less appointments and faster treatment time than other types of braces.

  3. Comfort
  4. The smooth rounded corners and edges of the braces are soft against your lips, creating a more comfortable experience. The low-profile design of the braces make them protrude less, reducing irritation.

  5. Hygiene
  6. The small size and rounded edges make H4™ braces easy to clean. A quick swish with water will free most food from your braces.

3M Unitek Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces

3M Unitek Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Bracket
Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Bracket