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We believe your experience online should set the tone for what you can expect from our office.

“At Datwyler Orthodontics, we have worked hard to hone the vision of our practice and to build a team of amazing people dedicated to our vision. We have created a culture within the office where my patients, my team and myself can thrive and have a wonderful, fun experience every day. I want our website to be a reflection of who we are and what we represent, so that people on the outside can get a glimpse of the environment of fun and professionalism that we are all about.” — Dr. Datwyler

So we thought it was about time we created a website that reflects that same experience and represents us better online.

It’s been such an honor to be rated the #1 Orthodontic office in El Dorado Hills since 2011. And you can believe us when we say, that’s no accident! When you visit our website, we want you to see exactly why people keep voting for us!

Where every patient is a rockstar…

After months of work behind-the-scenes, we are so excited to finally show you the videos, photos, and content that we feel truly expresses who we are and why we love what we do.

We’re so grateful that real patients in El Dorado Hills were willing to come and hang out with us for a few days, taking pictures around the office and sharing their experiences — all to help us create this beautiful space online.

A website built with you in mind…

It’s so important to us that our patients and their families feel at home in our office. We truly mean that. And we know the second you walk through the door, you’ll see our attention to detail and the thought that went into the design — all to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and happy.

We’ve worked hard to create a website that’s easy for you to navigate. We want you to be able to find the information you need as easily as possible and to schedule your next appointment.

We hope you’ll also take a look around and get to know our office and our team!

This site’s strategy, design, photo & video were created by the marginally-above-average folks @ Clear Partnering Group.