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What are you doing to stay sane during this time of isolation?

You have so many responsibilities to think about between work, children at home rather than school, and your normal routines for keeping everything running smoothly. Normally, you could leave the house and do things to take care of yourself but being shut up in the house, things are not what they used to be. What can a person do to keep their wits about them during this season? We’ve got some ideas that we hope you’ll find helpful. 

Here Are A Few Things That Are Helping Us Stay Sane

  1. Make a schedule. This may sound obvious, but it is way too easy to slide into reaction mode while you’re trying to make it happen at home. A lot of people make detailed daily schedules but a lot more people have a routine they keep to without ever having written it down. It may not be your personality, but you should map out a weekly schedule and daily routines and try to keep to it. It’ll help you stay on track but also give you something to shoot for during the day. “If I can just make it until snack time,” is a great motivator.
  2. Find a way to stay active. You probably don’t sit as much as you are right now so getting up and moving around is crucial for the quarantine. Be like Desmond in season 2 of LOST. Get up, get moving, eat a healthy breakfast, and listen to music you like. As we learned from the show, that’s the only way to stay moderately sane while in isolation.
  3. Develop your hobby. Maybe you don’t have one. It might be kind of hard to start one right now because of shipping delays at Amazon, but you could see what you have around your house and start working on something that interests you. You might find something in the garage that someone hasn’t used in a while (hint: wood and tools). You could search for hobbies that interest you. Anything to keep your mind active!
  4. Have a game night. Or nights. Do you have games that you enjoy and rarely have the opportunity to play? Now is the time to dust them off and play them. You could also use puzzles as a way to pass the time with other people in your family. Or get your kids playing a long game like Risk or Monopoly and go to your room to relax.
  5. Do something nice for yourself. Use those expensive bath crystals you got for Christmas. Try doing an at-home facial. Drink some wine while you clean your out of style clothes and shoes from your closet. Do something that will make you feel better by the end of it. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into running your house. You deserve it.

Be sure you take a moment to relax!Whether that is in the form of a nice face mask or playing a fun board game with the family, everyone deserves a moment of peace!

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